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June/July Goal Recap

Looks like I forgot to do a June Recap, so I’ve combined them.


  • Follow a 52 week deposit schedule but do it backwards. – I have $1,250 in my TFSA as of now. June and July’s deposits were made.
  • Save $100 in change. Done! I deposited $102 in July into my TFSA.
  • Pay off $4,000 of debt by December 31, 2014 Not doing too well with this. Left to pay: $3,500.


  • Lose 20 pounds – weight is still holding steady. I was going to join a team training program at the gym but it got cancelled. Now looking into TRX classes.
  • Read 1 book a month – Read the entire Divergent series (3 books) in 1 week in July while on vacation.


  • Finding a part time job (10-15 hrs a week maybe) – Working 4-8 hrs a week, so that’s like 2 shifts a week. Lame.
  • Planning/figure out the cost of a trip back to Europe, or to Florida (Disney).- Still working on this. Hopefully I will be able to book tickets in September to spend New Years in Europe!

July 2014 Budget Recap

oops is all I can say about my spending this month.

July 2014 Budget Recap

To be completely honest my mortgage came out 3 times (eek!) and I already paid my August utilities + my gym payment (they are due August 6th) so a slight overspending is do to that.

Also I’ve had like no income this month. Most of the cash is from a GST payment and a HST rebate that I received. I’m still waiting to receive an Employment Insurance payment. I’m only getting 4-8 hrs a week at my summer job so If all goes well I *should* be getting some money in August from my medical benefits claim that I’ve submitted. That would help out as well.

My savings amount is so high because most of it is change that I rolled and deposited at the beginning of the month.

I guess I won’t be spending much money in August. I’m almost out of the cash I pulled out back in June.

Shopping In The USA

Yesterday my mom and I made a visit to the United States of America to do some shopping at Target and Walden Galleria. I managed to only spent $70, but leave with over $200 worth of stuff. How did I manage that? well I had a $100 gift card to Target and the shirts I purchased at Macy’s and Torrid were on sale!

Here’s the breakdown of what I purchased and where.

Shopping Trip Purchase

Target: ($100 gift card)
3 Mascaras (1 isn’t pictured because I gave it to my mom)
1 Blush (not pictures, also went to mom)
2 Sports Bras
Bubble Gum scented Candle
Purple Bow Clutch
Britney Spears Perfume

2 shirts – Regular price $50 each. On Sale for $25 each + used a Macy’s card and only paid $35 for both shirts.

1 Polka Dot shirt – On sale for $40, regular price $60.

I think I did pretty good!

Summer Vacation 2014

I haven’t really had much to say lately because nothing interested has been happening, however last week I took a mini vacation. I went to a cottage in Muskoka for a week of sun and fun. The original plan was to drive up Friday with everyone else but I ended up having to work, so I made the 3 hr drive alone on Saturday. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. I hit a little bit of traffic but I was expecting it.

The view’s from the cottage were pretty awesome I should add. We had our own little private dock and the water got deep pretty fast. It was perfect for swimming in.

Cottage  copy

Most of the day’s were spent at the cottage, but we did venture into Port Carling a few times. We stopped at Grand Electric Muskoka for some lunch one day and visited some of the local shops. Another day was at a Beach. During the evenings we had a fire, roasted some mashmello’s and made smores. We also got eaten alive by bugs!

Lunch and beach  copy

It was a great vacation, but I’m glad to be back home.

OH! I also got a new kitchen table before I left. It’s a major kill to the budget, BUT I’ve been wanting it since I moved in so when it finally came back in stock at Costco my dad and I picked it up! Ain’t she purdy!


June 2014 Budget Recap

I’m thankful I landed a babysitting job and another part time job at least for the month of june anyways. I’ve gotten my work schedule for July and I’m not getting many hours. Oh well, here’s to not spending any money as of today.

June 2014

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Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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