2015 Goals

2015 image

I’ve finally managed to narrow down my 2015 Goals. It’s taken me a while to come up with them because I wanted them to be something I could actually obtain. I think I have a good mix.


  • Stick to the backwards 52 Week Challenge ($1,379) but bump it to a total of $1,500
  • Research and create a house budget for unfinished items
  • Save $250 in rolled change by December 31, 2015
  • Pay off $5,000 of car debt by December 31, 2015


  • Make the gym/getting healthy a priority
  • Create a work schedule for Job #2 and stick to it
  • Treat myself once a month
  • Lose 15 pounds by July 31, 2015
  • Take a week off from Job #2 in the summer (July or August)
  • Read 12 books by December 31, 2015

December Goal Recap


  • Follow a 52 week deposit schedule but do it backwards. – DONE! I managed to save $1,500, which is more then I had originally planned. It went towards a payment on my mortgage.
  • Save $100 in change. Done! Completed in July!
  • Pay off $4,000 of debt by December 31, 2014 I have $500 left before I can call this goal complete and it probably won’t happen by the end of the year. Oh well.


  • Lose 20 pounds – I signed up for cheap personal training at the gym, and I haven’t weighed myself but in Jan I plan to start. This is something I want to do for me and no one else. Not like I have anyone else in my left to look good for.
  • Read 1 book a month – This has been completed and I plan to start it over again in 2015


  • Finding a part time job (10-15 hrs a week maybe) – I worked for the LCBO over the summer and had hoped it would turn into a part time job. I’m glad it didn’t. With the teaching job and the online website job it would have killed me.
  • Planning/figure out the cost of a trip back to Europe, or to Florida (Disney). This has been cancelled. nuff said.

An End To 2014

I haven’t bothered to post within the past months because nothing interesting has been happening in my life. It’s been pretty boring actually. I work then go to the gym, and then work some more. I’m usually in bed by 9pm. That’s how depressing my life is. I’ve also been sick. First I had a cold, then I believe I caught a stomach bug then I was okay and now I’m again sick with a runny nose and a cough; just in time for xmas break.

I don’t get out much because I don’t really have any money. Due to the rising cost of life I had to put money towards my mortgage that I didn’t expect to. It’s an attempt to keep my mortgage payment the same. I’ll find out next week if it actually worked. If not; at least I paid down the principal a little. I also have to pay back the money I borrowed for my car. I would like to have it all paid off in 2015, so I’ve been watching my spending carefully. Not to sure how I am going to pull that off, but it will be a 2015 goal of mine.

I received a ton of gift cards from my students for xmas so thankfully I can put them to use and pick up some books to read. That’s something I still enjoy doing. As for everything else, I’m just in a weird mood and don’t really care to be very social. It usually happens around the holidays.

I’ve also lost interest in this website so I have no idea what’s going to happen to it in 2015…

Corporal Nathan Cirillo


Last week a terrible tragedy happened. The life of a young man was taken. A young man that did not need to die. That young man was Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

I did not know Nathan personally, but he was known in the community that I live in. The lives of hundreds of people have been affected by his death and will be affected for many years to come.

Tomorrow is Nathan’s funeral and while I will be at work I will be recording the live television broadcast so that I can watch it that evening. I will also be wearing #RedForNathan as a sign of respect and honour.

I’m not writing this post in the hopes of receive attention or anything remotely close to that. This is something that has happened and has affected me and I wanted to just take a moment out of my life to remember that every day is special and should be treasured. So please hug your loved ones. Let them know that they are loved because you never know when the time will come to say goodbye.

RIP Nathan. You did our country proud.

Why Aren’t I Married?

Today while I was doing supervision of the general population at school one of my former students asked me if I’ve gotten married yet. Obviously the answer is no; which I told the child. That response then led to the following conversation.

students: But why aren’t you married.
me: because I haven’t found someone I like yet.
student: But why, you are so pretty and nice with beach waves in your hair. (I curled my hair today)
me: *I laughed and gave the student a hug* thanks.
students: boys are silly. Don’t worry, I don’t like them.
me: *laughed*

keep in mind this is a grade 1 student.