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Why My HBC MasterCard Owned By Capital One Was Closed

For the last 10 years or so I have been in possession of an HBC MasterCard. On February 28, 2014 the card expired and I found it rather odd that I had not received a new one. At first I thought that maybe I had not updated my address so I decided to call HBC and find out why a new card was never issued to me. I gave my current address and was told that a new card was in the mail. I was also told that sometimes they arrive late and not to worry.

A few weeks ago I received an HBC MasterCard bill. I had used my card to purchase some earrings back in February. Still no card though. I logged into my HBC MasterCard online account and tried to pay the bill. I was unable to do so. That’s when I noticed that my available credit was $0.

I called HBC to inquire what was up with the card and was told that it was closed. No other information was given to me. I decided to request a credit report in hopes that it would give me some extra information.

On Friday I received the credit report in the mail and surprise; no extra information was given. I decided to call HBC MasterCard again to find out why the card was closed. The first person I spoke to informed me that it was a “Business Decision”. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They also told me that it was a “Business Decision” and could offer no further explanation. I was told that my credit report should have given me the information as to why it was closed and calling them might give me more information. So that’s what I did. Upon calling the credit report offices I was told that they could actually tell me nothing.

That’s when I decided to call Capital One since they now own the HBC MasterCard that I was no longer in possession of. I ended up speaking with a very nice lady who spoke with her tech support team who was able to give me the title of the person I needed to speak with. I called back HBC MasterCard and asked to be transferred. I explained how I did not want to speak with a manager, or a supervisor but that I wanted to speak with a Executive Response Coordinator.

Right away I was connected and after explaining the entire situation for the millionth time I was told that my card was cancelled due to inactivity. I asked for clarification on this seeing as how I had used my card prior to the expiration date. I was informed that the decision to close my card had obviously been made prior to the expiration date.

The entire phone conversation was pretty laughable, in all honesty. I was apologized to more times then I can remember. I was even asked if I wanted to sign up for a new HBC MasterCard.

I made a point to expressed my disapproval with how HBC MasterCard chose to handle the cancelling and closing of my card and that I would certainly NOT be signing up for a new one since there is no value of being a customer seeing as my current card was closed. I also questioned as to why NO letter was issued. I was told that this is not protocol through HBC MasterCard even though Capital One had informed me that customers should receive a letter if a card is closed or cancelled.

No information could be given as to how long a card needs to not be in use in order to be closed due to inactivity. This type of business decision apparently is in the Terms and Services agreement that Capital One has with HBC MasterCard.

While the HBC MasterCard is not my every day card I do use it every few months, so I’m still slightly shocked as to why it was closed.

Spending Recap: March 24-31, 2014

Monday March 24th
$38 Gas

Tuesday March 25th
$523.59 Mortgage

Wednesday March 26th
No Spend Day

Thursday March 27th
$1.13 Birthday Card

Friday March 28th
No Spend Day

Saturday March 29th
$50 Kaylee’s Bday Gift
$21.55 Gas

Sunday March 30th
No Spend Day

Monday March 31st
$26.04 Groceries

Income: + $0
Expenses: - $660.31

Spending Recap: March 17-23, 2014

Monday March 17th
$48 Gas

Tuesday March 18th
$64.35 Bell Internet
$43.77 Rogers Cell
$20.00 Sick Kids Donation

Wednesday March 19th
$210 52 Week Deposit
$275 Year Account

Thursday March 20th
$1,033.51 School Board Pay

Friday March 21st
No Spend Day

Saturday March 22nd

Sunday March 23rd
No Spend Day

Income: + $1,033.51
Expenses: - $661.12

It’s Not You, It’s Me

I did the unthinkable. I drove to Matt’s earlier this evening and asked what was going on. Wondering who Matt is…catch up here.

Then read what happened:

I ran the doorbell and heard nothing and thought oh great, I’m going to have to open the screen door and knock. So I did. Matt’s mother answered. She greater me and I asked if Matt was home. I then told her that he wasn’t expecting me. She went to the sliding door outside and told him he had a visitor. When he saw me I said hi and I asked if we could talk. If asked if I wanted to talk outside and I said that it was too cold so we went to his bedroom. While walking to his bedroom he told me that he was just about to get ready for a funeral. I didn’t ask who passed away, I just said sorry, that sucks.

When we got to his bedroom Matt asked me what was up. I said that I just wanted to know what was going on and what happened. I wish I could say that I remember the entire conversation but I don’t. I do now that he told me that it’s not me and that it’s him. That he needs to get his shit together, and instead of focusing on someone else he needs to focus on himself.
He doesn’t want to be staying in his mom’s basement. He needs to pay for a new cell phone, his dogs vet bills and some other things. I basically said I knew all that and it sucked. He told me that he hoped I didn’t think he was leading me on, and If I felt that way that it was not his intentions. He also apologized for ignoring me and told me that he was glad that I stopped by. He hugged me when he was apologizing.

I told him how I needed to stop by because I needed to know why he had ignored me. That guys had done it in the past and It wasn’t okay. I also mentioned that I drove up Friday night but chickened out about knocking on his door. He laughed and told me that I had nothing to be afraid of.
I also let him know that when he does get a new cell to not judge my voice mail message or text message, not that they are bad messages, but just that I left messages asking to talk cuz I didn’t know if he phone was really broken.

I am very glad that I had the balls to go and talk to him. The answer is one of the responsive I played out in my head. However, I’m still confused on how to feel. A part of me is hurt and I regret not asking him so many things.

What’s done is done. He has my number, so who knows if he will ever contact me again. I’ll be pretty surprised if he does.

Over Thinking A Relationship That Never Was

I am probably going to regret typing all this out but it’s been driving me absolutely insane over the last few days and I just need to vent and well since this is my website I feel I am allowed to do that.

On February 22, I met Matt on a dating site. We hit it off. We texted for days and finally had our first date on March 1. We did dinner and then a movie back at my place and the date went awesome. We both agreed it did. Then we started talking about planning a second date. It was scheduled for Saturday March 8th, however during that week I went over to his place on Thursday March 6th. We watched Big Brother and again had a great date. On Friday I received a text message from Matt cancelling Saturday’s date. He had to help his father. Then he ended up not feeling well and getting sick. We didn’t text as often as we had in the past on Saturday because of him being sick. Saturday night I sent him a text asking how he was feeling. I received a message on the dating site saying that he wasn’t feeling great and that he had dropped his phone while helping his dad so he would chat on the dating site when he could.

This is probably where I started to make mistakes. I sent back a message basically right away saying okay and asked about rescheduling the date. I didn’t hear anything back, so 3 days later I sent a message. I never heard back, but had seen that he had been on the dating site so I started to get confused. On Sunday March 16th I sent a final message and he disabled his profile.

Obviously that’s a huge sign that he’s not interested but I’m left to wonder what I did wrong, or what happened. Should I have not messaged him and just waited for him to messaged me back since he did say he would chat when he could? I just don’t understand.

During our course of the texting we had talked about future dates and plans. I even know where he lives. Why invited me over and then just ignore me and not tell me anything?? A part of me want’s to drive over to his place and be like “what happened?” but when I start to think that’s stupid because he’s obviously not interested. But still..It would be nice to know.

This whole thing had really fucked me in the head. I fear that I’m falling into depression because I just don’t care about anything anymore. I’m sick of getting my hopes up about a guy only to have the same thing happen time and time again. I basically go to work and then come home and go right to bed. Being at home alone is the worst cuz that’s when we use to text.

This whole fading out from a guy is the 4th time this year that it’s happened. I was suppose to go on several previous dates and the guys both cancelled either the day before or the day of and then I never heard back from them. I remember expressing this concern to Matt and he told me that he wouldn’t cancel on me. Yet just ignoring me is suppose to be better?

I will admit those past situations were a bit different since I didn’t have so much invested but I just don’t know how to stop thinking about it and figuring out what I did wrong, when I know that I probably didn’t do anything.

I’ve made the decision that I’m off all dating sites. All accounts are deleted, disabled or removed. I just don’t care anymore. I’ve invested way to much of my heart and now it’s in a million pieces. I know I’ve said that many many times before but with this last one I actually saw something possible. Matt was everything I wanted on paper pretty much, and yet again I don’t know what happened, because like every guy in the past he just removed me from his life with no reason.

Who knows if a reason would even change how I’m feeling. I don’t even know what I’m feeling.


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