Bills, Bills, Bills

Today was pay day for me, which means it’s the day that I knock out as many bills as I can. I decided to pay May’s rent, as well as my gym membership and make a payment to my OSAP debt. I’ve thought about if I should order contact lenses but I prefer my glasses so I decided against it. Besides, my sister wears contacts, and I don’t want to look more alike then we already do.

So back to what I spent my pay cheque on. Well, I didn’t end up spending it all. I only paid 3 bills. I still have to pay my Master Card, my cellphone and put some money aside for car insurance and maintenance. Since I get my next pay cheque before any of those are due I’m not worried about making the payments. I’m not sure if I’m going to put more money towards my Europe trip. It’s all paid off, I’m just trying to figure out how much spending money I need to bring. The exchange rate is to high what with the royal wedding and all so I have not exchanged any money yet.

The payments that I did make today are the ones that I generally made around the beginning of the month. When I made my soap payment I literally jumped up and down. If you take a peak over at my goals page you will notice that one of my goals is to get my OSAP payment down to $6,000 by July 1st, and well if I keep on the track that I am on, I’m sure to have that goal reached and passed. See for yourself.

Day 104
Day 103 of 365

Well off to watch Vampire Diaries.

Snow Day

For the past few days the news has been calling for a snow storm to hit today and naturally everyone just shrugged it off and didn’t think anything of it it. No one at work was worried about it, or even talking about it. I guess we all didn’t think it would happen or happen as bad as it is.
Well this morning I got up around 6:50 am like I usually do, had my breakfast and then decided to turn on the news since I usually watch it while getting ready for work. Lucky me, because I turned it on right as my school board flashed across the screen. I called my mom to come double check and make sure that It was really going to be a snow day for me. I just didn’t believe it, but it is. I ended up double checking on the school boards website just to be extra sure.

Day 82
Day 82/365

So this is the second snow day that we have had this year. The first snow day was in February and everyone expected it, was planning for it and talking about it for a few days, so I guess that’s why I’m a little shocked that this one was called. Either way I’m not complaining.

I had planned to start cleaning my room once my sister left for work, but her boss called her and told her not to bother so now I’m pretty unsure of what to do. I could be mean and just start cleaning, but if I’m going to be with her all day I’d rather not piss her off first thing in the morning.

Guess I’ll watch the news for now.


Yesterday, due to lack of sleep on my part (talking with Kyle into the wee hrs), was an exhausting day. I decided to rest my eyes during first break and totally ended up falling asleep. I coworker snapped this photo of me peacefully passed out and then sent it to me later in the day. I guess I fell asleep and woke up to no one in the staff room so when I saw the photo it was pretty funny.

Day 59
Day 59/365

I am somewhat exhausted today, but that’s because I woke up around 2 am to horrible horrible cramps. They eventually passed once the drugs kicked in, it only took about an hr or so. I’m thankful thou that today will be an easy day at work. I have a planning session off location this afternoon. It was suppose to be scheduled for a different date/different time, but I was asked to switch and it works better for me having it in the afternoon. Once it’s done I get to relax with a massage appointment. I just hope things go well with the supply.

Not much else to report. I talk to Kyle daily on text message and am serious leaning towards an iphone 4. I’m just unsure if I should wait till the new one comes out, or just bite the bullet and get one now. I’d prefer to wait so that the price drop a little, but with the constent battery pulls I’m getting annoyed. I also need to find some sort of case for the iphone if I do get it. I’ve been known to drop my blackberry a number of times.

I’ll end with some quotes I’m liking today:

There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and just live a little better.

Girl’s don’t need to check up on guys. guys should be the ones making sure their girl is always happy.

Yesterday = History. Tomorrow = Mystery. Today = Justin Bieber’s Birthday.
I had to. lol the kids had been going on and on and on about it all day at work yesterday.

365 Days

I’ve been slacking on posting my 365 day photos on my site because I don’t want there to be post after post of just them. I think it takes away from the site, so here’s a recap of last weeks photos which I only just uploaded to flickr.
I’ll be posted a recap of my weekend spent up north with some photos during this week.

Day 53
Day 53/367

Day 52
Day 52/365

Day 51
Day 51/365

Day 50
Day 50/365

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Day 49/365

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Day 48/365

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