Bills, Bills, Bills

Today was pay day for me, which means it’s the day that I knock out as many bills as I can. I decided to pay May’s rent, as well as my gym membership and make a payment to my OSAP debt. I’ve thought about if I should order contact lenses but I prefer my glasses so I decided against it. Besides, my sister wears contacts, and I don’t want to look more alike then we already do.

So back to what I spent my pay cheque on. Well, I didn’t end up spending it all. I only paid 3 bills. I still have to pay my Master Card, my cellphone and put some money aside for car insurance and maintenance. Since I get my next pay cheque before any of those are due I’m not worried about making the payments. I’m not sure if I’m going to put more money towards my Europe trip. It’s all paid off, I’m just trying to figure out how much spending money I need to bring. The exchange rate is to high what with the royal wedding and all so I have not exchanged any money yet.

The payments that I did make today are the ones that I generally made around the beginning of the month. When I made my soap payment I literally jumped up and down. If you take a peak over at my goals page you will notice that one of my goals is to get my OSAP payment down to $6,000 by July 1st, and well if I keep on the track that I am on, I’m sure to have that goal reached and passed. See for yourself.

Day 104
Day 103 of 365

Well off to watch Vampire Diaries.