2012 Goals {March Update}

I don’t think I’m going to have a break with all this back luck. I was warned it would be like this, and hopefully things turn around.


  • Put $100 aside each month to start an emergency fund. Still haven’t done this. I don’t know why I thought I would be able to. A house is so darn expensive.
  • Keep my bank account above $1,500 (as to avoid being charged the service fee). This has been done.
  • Decorate my new house for under $3,000. I’ve almost blown through my house decorating budget. Who knew shutters and drapes would cost so much. I also got some photos developed to hang whenever I purchase frames.


  • Lose 50 pounds by December 31st 2012. Down 20 pounds. It’s slowly coming off.
  • Take some photography classes // use my Camera more often. Have not used my camera since the class I took in January.
  • Cook at least 5 new meals a month and blog about it. um, yeah nope. Just been sticking to things I know for now because things have been so busy.
  • Set up a Household Management Binder and actively use my Day Planner and Calendar. ┬áDay Planner is saving my life, save with the Binder. I’m still waiting for some bills though.
  • Visit my grandparents at least twice a month, or invite them over to my place. I saw my grandparents at a wedding earlier in the month, but have yet to have them over. Hopefully in April I will be able to, since I have the shutters up and the house is pretty much decorated till I magically find some extra money.

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