Family Day Spent With Family

Today in Ontario it’s Family Day. A holiday for most people, and it’s a rather beautiful day I might add. I managed to get a fair bit done, and I’m pretty happy with myself for that, but not everything was completed. Oh well, that’s what tomorrow is for right.

The main thing on todays to do list was to write out everything that needed fixing with my home. This was somewhat difficult to complete as I went to my parents place to complete the list. My mom didn’t want to come to me, so I went to her. In the end we managed to type up most of the issues thanks to me making a rather confusing list last minute. That took most of today to complete.

Prior to arriving at my parents, I finished setting up my Home Management Binder. I still need to input some information and fill out a few papers, but I’m still waiting for the bills to come, so in time that will be filled out.

This evening I’m just going to chill and watch some TV shows. Hopefully I can get back into some sort of routine.