We are a few days into the month of March and I absolutely love this month. In case you are unaware, there are so many exciting things that happen this month. The first day of spring (March 20th); which means I can finally start wearing some cute shoes to work. Gone will be the boots and ugly black runners. Daylight saving time also begins (March 13th), and I get March Break (March 14-18), as well as 3 pay days; tomorrow being the first!
The weather is also starting to get a little nicer and it’s staying light out later which is also a bonus.


So where am I going with all this; well see those boots? I purchased them in December while I was out boxing day shopping with Cassie. I got them for an amazing price, and I simple could not say no to them.I believe they were 75% off. The problem is, I haven’t been able to wear them yet because I don’t want them to get ruined from the snow/ice/gross stuff on the road. I also wont be able to wear them at work because they arn’t exactly child friendly. So I’m thinking of packing them to take with me when I go to Europe. I figure I could wear them during an evening out.
I really wanted to wear them on my date last week, but given that Kyle is 6’4 I didn’t want him thinking that I was taller then I actually am, so I have yet to wear them. Maybe I’ll wear them on another date; if we ever end up going out again. Don’t even get me started on his crazy work schedule. I guess I should be thankful that I’m able to talk to him via text messaging as much as I do.

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  1. I love March too! April is better (my birthday month) because it’s warmer BUT March is when I go through my closet and take out items of clothing that I no longer want and then GO SHOPPING!!! Yay!

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