What I’ve been dealing with…

This past week has been utter hell for me.

I’ve been working 3 jobs (school, part time job and helping out with a coupon site) which means I wake up early and stay up late. Had I have known that this would be my life a few weeks ago I would never have signed up for any of this.
The school job is great, the coupon site job is fine, but the part time job is what’s stressing me out.

I applied and was hired under the assumption that I would have a job in a different position, however I am a cashier. Thursday was my first shift on the floor and I was stressing out about it prior to the shift. I honestly didn’t think that they would put me on the floor because I had not received any training. Stupid me for thinking that I would work on a dummy cashier and learn how to do a bunch of things before being placed on the floor with actual customers.

During my time on the floor I quickly had to learn how to work the cash, scan items, bag the items and deal with price matching, coupons and PLU codes. Needless to say I was very overwhelmed. On the drive home I called my mom and she could hear the frustration in my voice.

I’ve also been sick since March break and my throat issue (which I will get into) has been getting worse, so now combined with the stress from the part time job and working 60+ hrs a week I’m left wondering what to do.

So a little bit about my throat issue, since I don’t think I’ve explained anything.

I have a a cyst on my left vocal cord. Technically I have no idea if it’s attached to the left vocal cord or just in front of it. I also have no idea how large it is. My CT scan scheduled for next Thursday will hopefully shed some light on that. But it’s affecting my voice and sometimes my breathing. In the beginning I just had a hoarse voice, but now it’s turned into an ongoing issue of Laryngitis mixed in with a pretty nasty cough. Basically till I have surgery to remove the cyst I’m under limited talking orders from my doctor. Once I’m done my full time job I’m suppose to be on a no talking ban.


As you can see from the image, that’s not a normal left vocal cord. The mouse arrow is pointing directly at the cyst. The one on the right is normal. Ignore my spit and saliva please. lol

So this no talking ban would have all been fine and dandy except cashiers are required to talk so by the end of my shift I was in so much pain and could barely whisper that I started to wonder just how much is this part time job worth to me.

My surgery won’t be schedule till July, since the school job lays me off during the summer, so from now till then I have the potential to make quite a bit of extra cash, but I’m really worried that I’m going to do more harm to my vocal cord.

Right now, my thinking is to quit the part time job that I just started. I honestly was not aware that there would be this much added stress not to mention the over use of my voice. It’s really not worth the extra money.

So there you have it. Reason’s as to why I’ve been MIA, and what I’ve been dealing with when I refer to my throat issue.

4 thoughts on “What I’ve been dealing with…

  1. Gregoire Bolduc says:

    It’s seems like the extra stress of the part time job won’t be worth it! And what retailer provides no training before throwing someone out onto the floor? That’s nuts!!

    I hope your able to get the cyst taken care of promptly! That’s got to really suck!!


  2. Steven says:

    Best advice I can give you is to quit the part time job. Granted having the extra money is always awesome, there is no winning argument to downplay that fact. Being happy (and healthy, not miserable) is the goal we all try to achieve so if it is in your best interest to quit then you should, making extra money is never a guarantee to happiness. Other alternatives could be to talk to your supervisor and explain your situation and see if they can make sure you will not be in a position where you have to use your voice. Whatever you decide just keep your head up.

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