3 Tips To Find Time For Exercise

Not having time is the most common excuse people give to not exercise, especially for women. However exercise is important to help you keep your weight, health and physique in shape. In fact, women need to have five 30-minute workouts a week and some strengthening exercise like weight lifting and squats. If you think you don’t have the time to do all this, these tips should prove helpful at getting you started!

Divide your exercise time. If you can’t continuously spend 30 minutes a day for exercise, break it into 3 10-minute sessions or a 10 and 20 minute session. You just have to be active at least ten minutes a time by perhaps getting up earlier and squeezing in a 10-minute neighborhood walk.

You can also take a short, brisk walk during your lunch break or perhaps dance while making dinner. Make watching TV helpful by doing push-ups or crouches or jogging in place.

Have a partner. You get more motivated to exercise if you have a partner. Have a friend or your partner join you for a walk, jog or exercise class. If you have kids, you can make them join you in your activities like going for a walk after dinner or going for a neighborhood bike ride. You can even make things entertaining for them by playing your favorite childhood games with them like jump rope and hopscotch.

Exercise while commuting. You could perhaps walk or cycle to work, or if you take public transportation, get off the bus or train a few steps earlier for an additional extra steps everyday. Moreover, walking home from office not only gives you exercise, but also some time to relax and sort your thoughts out.

Try implementing these 3 tips in your everyday routine and pretty soon you will find more than enough time to exercise for optimum health and body fitness!