Getting The Best Debt Advice

In case you need advice about your debts, here are some places that you can go for free debt advice and they will prove to be very worthwhile and helpful.

1. Your credit union or your bank – many credit unions and banks have customer service representatives or personal bankers who might provide free debt advice to you. So if you have a really good relationship with your bank which means that you have been their client for more than year then give it a visit and inquire if it offers advice on personal money management.

2. Community or local colleges – most colleges in our community have either the accounting or the economics departments from which you can get some free advice. Some even offer free courses in personal money management.

3. The local library -you can visit that library in your locality and search from its catalog under the topic of personal money management and you will be surprised to find a lot of books that are all free and read and check them out.

4. Issues with the debt collector – in case it’s your debt collector who is keeping on nagging and harassing you often, then you can send the collection agency a “cease and desist” letter. You must send the letter registered so that you will have a return receipt requested so you will have an evidence that you sent the letter and that the agency actually received it. In case the debt collector does not stop harassing you, you can seek attorneys help.

5. Look for free legal advice – this can be found in most cities. For instance the Legal Aid Foundation can be found in almost every town no matter how small it is and they can be a good source of advice on debt.

6. Look online for firms that offer debt advice. An example is These Canadian debt professionals will assist you to create a personal debt management plan, advice you on how to manage your finances and reduce spending so you can get your life back on the right track.